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2016 Tournaments

// September 18th, 2016 // No Comments » // News

This year, I’ve participated in 2 tournaments – the European Pair Go Championship held in Brno, Czech Republic and the European Women’s Championship held in Antwerp, Belgium.


Paired with my brother and 1 dan professional, Ilya Shikshin, we took first place in Brno in April. That was the 4th consecutive European Pair Go title with Ilya as my partner, and 5th consecutive for me.


Last month, I finished the European Women’s Championship with 4 wins and 1 loss, taking 2nd place.

SAWMG 2014 Article: Bringing out the explorer in you

// December 12th, 2014 // No Comments » // News

The European story continues in the Go competition at the World Mind Games. Svetlana Shikshina of Russia stays in contention for a medal at the event.

Through the ages, Europe has been known for exploration. Marco Polo travelled far east and brought back many elements of Asian culture that have become a part of modern European life. Christopher Columbus sailed west and made the world aware of the existence of the Americas. Exploring new territories, conquering new lands and making them their own through culture and exchanges are elements that are embedded in Europe’s history. These are the same elements common to Go, a sport in which there any of 361 ways to open to a game. And in the words of Svetlana Shikshina of Russia ‘it’s like exploring a new land’.

Shikshina is the only European woman to stay in contention for a gold medal in the women’s individual competition at the World Mind Games 2014, which is a remarkable feat, considering that a European medal in Go at the event is an extreme rarity. She beat her compatriot Dina Burdakova in her second match with the power of projection. According to her, she has the ability to project ’50 to 60 moves ahead’ while playing a match. But as you start getting impressed, she warns that the Asians have the power to project up to ‘100 to even 150 moves’ ahead in a match. This only brings in to mind the obvious question- what makes the Asians so much better than the Europeans? But more on that a little later in this article.

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